A reel of narrative shorts I have produced and directed (and often, written), including:
2015 48 Hour Film Project, Best Film
2015 100 Word Film Festival, Official Selection
2016 100 Word Film Festival, Official Selection
2017 48 Hour Film Project, Semi-Finalist
A week-long challenge for the mind, body, and spirit at Camp Dawson, the WV Wing Encampment hosts 150
Civil Air Patrol cadets from around the region.
Reveille is at 0500. Lights out at 2100 (9 pm). 
Each evening, I organized footage from multiple sources (including my own video) into a nightly recap of the previous day's activities for social media. The video shown here was an "anthology" of those videos, re-edited for some narrative flavor, and shown at the 2018 WV Wing Conference.
I was awarded the WV Wing Commander's Commendation for my work.

WV Wing Encampment, 2018

United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol
(1st Lt Abigail Head)

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